New madness is sweeping Finland....

Curling! I kid you not. Finland's curling-team has managed to make their ways to the Olympic-finals, and the captain of the team, Markku Uusipaavalniemi (M-15 for short) has become an instant celebrity.

Hockey is still propably still the #1 sport, but everyone is talking about curling. The semifinal match between Finland and UK was watched by over 1 million people! Jesus! And I must admit: I have been watching as well. I actually got interested in the early games when I just happened to glance at TV, and I found myself half an hour later still watching the game.

If Finland only gets one gold-medal from the games, and they get it from curling, then it really means that hell has frozen over. And it's frozen so that Uusipaavalniemi can do some curling.


dr witmol said...

The first time I even heard about curling was a fairly sizeable article on the sport in a Canadian newspaper. I had to ask a friend what the hell it was. Suffice to say, most Australians would not have a clue about this sport. And Hell as a new curling venue? I'd like to see that!

Janne said...

Well, Finns didn't win the gold :(. But silver was a very good accomplishment nevertheless! Canada is huge in curling. I heard that something like 94% of worlds curling-players are from Canada.

Well, better luck tomorrow against Sweden in hockey ;)