It will all end in tears

So, my sister-in-law mentioned that she really enjoyed seeing Moving Castle and The Cat Returns. I then happened to mention that I have a quality piece of animation in my collection: Grave of the Fireflies. Of course my sister-in-law wants to see it as well.

But then I started to think... While it too is an animation, it's very different from the "Moving Castle" and "The Cat Returns". The story, is very, very sad. I warned my sister-in-law that she can expect a very beautiful, yet very sad story. If she expects a cheerful story, she's in for a disappointment. But she wants so see it anyway. Well, I warned her, so it's not my fault. But I will be having crying girls to take care of this weekend.


Bosco said...

It certainly is a very sad and powerful film. Glad you like it! Wish it was more popular.

dr witmol said...

Still haven't managed to see Howl's Moving Castle since it was out at your end (in Japanese with Finnish subtitles...). They had a free outdoor screening of it recently but it rained and I didn't end up going. A friend has since promised to lend me her copy so I'll get there eventually.