Two screens at the same time man!

So my workstation at work got hosed on thursday (second time this has happened! And both were identical errors, and both happened when I rebooted the machine). First I started to re-image the machine (I can't ask the IT-department to do it because I AM the the IT-department!), but then I just thought "fu*k it. I DO have this other computer at my disposal, why not just use that one instead?". The other machine being my corporate laptop. So I chugged the desktop to the storeroom, and took out my laptop. I did keep one thing from my desktop: the screen.

I'm telling you, having two screens at your disposal (the laptops screen, and the external screen) is a real eye-opener! I re-arranged my desk for maybe two hours to make this an optimal dual-screen experience. I had to move my phone from the left side to the right side of my workspace, otherwise it would have been behind the laptop. Originally I had the laptop on the right side of my desk, but then my mouse-hand bumbed against it all the time, and it was not nice. So I had to move the laptop, and because of that I had to move the phone. I also had to replace my mouse with a regural mouse, since the original mouse didn't work properly with dual-screens.

All in all, the migration took few hours, but it was worth it! I now have my email running on the laptops screen, with the external screen (which has higher resolution) running web-browser and other assorted tools.

I heard that adding another screen/increasing screen real-estate is the best way to increase productivity. And I have to agree. I do miss my ergonomic mouse though...

EDIT: Well, the mouse I'm using right now could be a wireless while we are at it. I hate it when I release the mouse, the twisted cable moves the mouse by few millimeters... Geeks do it wirelessly ;)

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