It's white

The world that is. Starting from yesterday.

Damn you snow.

There are no shades of gray

I live a comfortable middle-class lifestyle. I have a car, a nice home, computers, gizmos and all the other things that define "modern western lifestyle". And I do like that lifestyle.

But on the other hand there is part in me that dreams of giving all that up. That dreams of simple life far away from the crowded cities.

Few months ago I saw a story on TV about this Norwegian man, who quit his job, and moved to a remote location in northern Norway. He built himself a house that was similar to the old Viking-dwellings. He had no electricity (well, he did have a generator for cases when he absolutely needed electricity). And he didn't have any clocks. It was peaceful, stress-free existence.

I could see myself doing something like that. But the thing is that it's the two extremes that appeal to me, the things in between do not seem appealing at all.

I couldn't really see myself making _some_ cutbacks to my life. If I do "cut back", then it needs to be all the way. Either I live this lifestyle, or I live the complete opposite lifestyle. But no half-hearted attempts somewhere in between.

I guess that I see the middle ground as combining the worst of the two extremes. If I make some cutbacks, I sacrifice on the material wealth, but I don't really gain that much in the lifestyle. I would still have to go to work, and it return I would have less of the modern luxuries. So it has to be all or nothing.

When the Wind Blows

I just noticed that the "When the Wind Blows" is on youtube. It's the anumation from the eighties about an elderly couple and nuclear war. It's based on a graphic novel of the same name.

It's just so sad and touching. No happy ending, no joy, no hope.