Work it out

So I became a paying member of a gym. The Mrs. and the sister in-law talked me in to it. And I must admit: I need it. I'm in terrible shape. But the positive thing is that the only way forward is up.

Yesterday I met my personal trainer who is going to create my personal program that I'm going to follow. We went through the draft plan, and not just on paper, we really went through it. And I must say that it was exhausting! And my body is aching as we speak, He did say that we will take it easy in the beginning, so that I will not be in too much pain, and it seems that the program we did yesterday was just about right. Yes, I still feel it, but it should get better after a while.

The good thing about all of it, was that the trainer immediately saw the things I need to... improve. And the program was designed so that every problem-area received a good and thorough workout.

It's about time I got back in shape.

Here's your goddamned exclamation point!

My frustration and annoyance with tabloid-newspapers and other similar trash-newspapers grows by the day. They are filled with non-news that they report in a way that makes them sound like the most important piece of news in the known universe. Like _the_ news for today: "PARIS HILTON in Helsinki!". Is that REALLY interesting piece of news? Is it important? And why is the headline shouting at me? Why do they use all-caps?

Those caps and exclamation points are there to obviously make the news seems important. It's so important that they need to shout it at me. Well, excuse me, but what makes that particular piece of news so important? Why should I or anyone else care when some airheaded bimbo who is famous for being famous (really, has she ever really DONE anything notable?) is visiting Helsinki? And the sad thing is that there's about zillion idiots out there who do find that news really interesting and important...

Sure, the tabloids sometimes report on genuine news. But when they do so, they do it in a emotional way. They try to appeal to the feelings and emotions of the readers. Like during the Jokela Shooting they made huge headlines how the "principal tried to save the lives of the pupils" and was then shot and killed. We got articles about what the principal was like, what kind of family she had etc. etc. None of that was relevant to the actual news at all. Of course, the actual articles about the incident were filled with generalizations, errors, speculation and just plain crap. Stuff like "Why did the shooter do this? We might never know", despite the fact that he left behind a manifesto where he explained his twisted rationale. Tabloids said that "Should we blame computer games for this? Did he train using computer games?", when the shooter specifically said that his actions should not be blamed on games, movies or anything like that, and how everyone with a working brain will see that killing a person with a handgun is VERY different when compared to "killing" a bunch of pixels with a click of a mouse. But now, logic and facts never entered the equation when the tabloids smelled money.

It's time to draw a line in the sand. No more stupidity. We should expect more from the media.