Well,I'll be damned

They released "Sim City" for the iPhone. I just installed it yesterday, and yes, it seems to be the real deal!

This is the first time I wish that I had longer commute...

I'm not dead. Really

It's been a while since i said more than two words here. It's just that... I haven't had anything that interesting to say. I don't live THAT interesting life. But I don't really mind it that much. As the Chinese curse says: "may you live in interesting times". Well, I live pretty sedate life. I'm the kind of guy who dreams of going home after busy workday, putting some fire in the fireplace (if I had one that is), grabbing a good book, and enjoying a quiet, stress-free evening. That's my idea of paradise. Crackling fire and slowly-ticking clock, that is what I want.

The winter I reported about in my previous post has been so-so. We had loads of snow, then it all melted away. Yesterday we got more snow, and it hasn't melted so far. I'm not the biggest fan in the world when snow is concerned, but I dislike black winter even more. There's no sunlight, and the fact that the ground is black just makes everything more miserable. Snow might be cold and wet, but at least it looks pretty and it lights up the surroundings.

I still wish it was summer, though.