There's nothing on the silver-screen these days....

Few months ago I won a bunch of free tmovie-tickets. So life is good, right? I can go to the movies, and not spend a dime doing so? It has been several months since I got those tickets, and I haven't used any of them. Not one.

Yes, I can be pretty picky when it comes to movies, but it's extra hard when you are married and you have to find a movies that both parties will enjoy. And in the lasts few months, it has been exceedingly difficult to find movies that would satisfy just one. Last movie I saw was the "Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy", and it has been downhill ever since. There has been SOME movies that would have been worth watching, but not many.

What options have there been recently, as far as movies are concerned (in no particular order)?

King Kong: Yes, I'm a fan of Peter Jackson, have been since "Bad Taste". But King Kong just didn't interest me. Official score: Meh

Chronicles of Narnia: This might have interested me. But Soili wasn't that keen, mainly due to she has already seen the tv-series, so there's nothing new that this movie brings to the table (apart from better special effects). Oh well.

Brokeback Mountain: The idea behind this move is interesting, and everyone is praising it. But once I told Soili about it her reaction was "I don't like westerns". I tried telling her that it's not a traditional western, and she said "Gay cowboys? I don't think so". I tried telling her that people whose judgement I trust have praised the movie, and it's nominated for several Oscars, but no go. Bummer

Memoirs of a Geisha: Now we're talking! The movie seems like a really beautiful piece of filmmaking. But.... This might fall in to the trap Soili dislikes: People who are supposed to be non-English speaking (in this case, Japanese), still speak English, but with a suitable accent. Maybe it's for convenience's sake but still. I'm still working on this one

Äideistä Parhain: A Finnish movie. This was high on my list to watch, and Soili would have been pretty interested on it as well, due to the subject-matter being pretty close to her heart. But for one reason or the other, we never got around to watch it. Damn.

Pride and Prejudice: The new version. Now, this is propably a good movie, a definite "Soili-movie" :). But there is just one problem.... We already have the 1995 mini-series, and if we go watch the new version, we will end up comparing it to the previous version. And I'm 99% sure that the new version would fall short of it's predecessor (yes, the mini-series is that good). So we would end up being disappointed.

There is hope still: The Tiger and The Snow. This movie was Soili's suggestion. She likes Roberto Benigni (and I like Jean Reno) , and I'm willing to go watch whatever she wants to go see. She was a bit put off when she found out that the movie takes place during the invasion of Iraq (she's not to keen on war-movies). But since the point of the movie is not the war, she might still be willing to go see it :).


dr witmol said...

Tell her that Brokeback Mountain is really really really good and that perhaps she would like to read my review.

Janne said...

I am going to get back to har on that movie, and I will tell her to read your review :). I already told her that you liked it, but maybe she needs to read it herself.

I'm still optimistic about "The Tiger and The Snow" as well....