Star Wreck

So, I finally saw Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. I know, it has been out for a while. And even though I liked their previous "movies", it took me a while to watch their latest creation. And the fact that the screenwriter is a co-worker of mine (hi Rudi!) makes this crime all the worse.

To those uninitiated: Star Wreck is a parody of Star Trek. Early episodes were CGI "animations", while later episodes contained live acting. All the actors, animator(s), filmcrew, editors, screenwriters etc. etc. are amateurs and/or volunteers. So what about this latest movie then? Well, it's a full-length feature-film made with a budget of around 10.000e (IIRC). It took the crew about 7 years to finish the movie, so it has really been a labour of love.

So, is it good? Yes, yes it is. Of course if you compare it to some Hollywood blockbuster, their non-existant budget shows at some places. But big bucks don't make movie good. This movie is very, very good. And it's very funny as well. Well, the humor is quite Finnish, so I'm not sure what people abroad might think of it. It's extra funny if you are a Star Trek/Babylon 5-fan, then you can actually understand the inside-jokes.

And I must say that the CGI in this movie is absolutely top-notch. I mean, where do those Hollywood-studios spend those millions when creating those computer graphics, when one guy can create something that rivals their work, using nothing but his home-computer (well, they did have a render-farm...)?

If you want to watch it yourself, head to their website and download it. In fact, this movie is unofficially the most popular Finnish movie ever made with over 2 million downloads (propably more, since those downloads can be distributed further).

To Rudi, Samuli and rest of the gang: Well done! You guys really pulled it through! It took you 7 years, but the end-result absolutely kicks ass! this one is definitely going to my DVD-collection!

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