Bird Flu

Everybody talks about bird flu in Finland these days. People are watching with keen eye as the flu inches closer and closer to Finland. Finland is the end of the road for the birds. They spend the winter in the south, and as spring gets closer, they start migrating back north. And that's exactly what has been happening. First they discovered bird-flu in Italy and other countries in southern Europe. Then a bit up north in Austria, then in Germany. And then in north-Germany. They are now suspecting that there are cases in Denmark as well. It doesn't take a rocket-scientist so see what's happening.

The flu is moving from south to north, like it was predicted. Next and last step? Scandinavia. First Sweden, then Norway and Finland. And as it happens, I happen to live right next to a major destination of migrating birds. Bummer. Am I worried? No, not really. But this could make some everyday things a bit more inconvenient. For starters, domestic birds are not allowed outdoors. And that means that Soili's (my wife) family's pet-bird has to spend his summer indoors. Which is a sad thing, since he enjoys the outdoors, and this might be his last summer (he's quite old already) :(.

On the other hand, people could die from the flu, and I worry about a single pet-bird. I guess that tells something about people in general. We pay more attention to things close to us, no matter how small or trivial, as opposed to bigger things that do not take place right next to us.

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