...almost there.... almost there....

On wednesday, me, the sister-in-law and my father-in-law put the wallpapers in the guestroom. It only took until 1am. So that room is now finished, just need to move in the furniture. Yesterday me, the Mrs. and father-in-law wallpapered one wall in the livingroom, this time we managed to finish at 00:30am. So at this moment we have one wall in the livingroom, as well as the paintjob in the library-ceiling still left to do. The wallpapering should take maybe three hours, and the paintjob maybe 1-2 hours. After that all that is left is just putting everything in place. Related to that: we are going for some furniture-shopping tomorrow.

3.5 hours

that's how long the our housing cooperatives shareholder-meeting took. And that's pretty long. In our previous cooperative it took maybe two hours, and it was a lot bigger than our current one (24 apartments vs. 6). And this was a second meeting this year, usually there are only one meeting per year. And still they managed to spend that much time on it.

The main reason is that the board of directors consists of three persons, one of them is my father in-law, and another one is the previous owner of our apartment. And both of them like to take the long road when discussing things. So they talked and talked, pondered every option and talked s...l...o...w...l...y.

Well, since one of them (the previous owner of our apartment) is no longer a shareholder, he resigned his post. And I took his place in the board of directors (no-one else was willing). It sound glorious, but it isn't.

Since yesterday was spent talking about changes to the garden and what should we do with all those trees, renovation did not proceed at all. Damn. I REALLY want to get this thing finished ASAP.

and it proceeds....

Yesterday we (as in I and father in-law) painted the livingroom-ceiling. We also installed the light to the kitchen. On Saturday we got the curtains for the bedroom. So we are few steps closer to the finish, again. Although the mother in-law and the wife decided that we need to pain the ceiling in the library as well. So that's a bit more work, but it's one of the easiest task around.

Hell, we just might get this project finished this week!


Bedroom is finished. Well, there's still no mattresses or curtains, but there's no more renovating to be done.

Guest-bedroom has been painted (ceiling and two walls), we just need the wallpapers for the two remaining walls, which should arrive on monday. When we get this room finished, our library will become order of magnitude more pleasant place, since we are currently using it to store items destined for the guest-bedroom. We still need to get few armchairs for the library, but after that, it's finished.

Kitchen and the hallway has been painted. Next stop is the livingroom-ceiling, with wallpapers following up a bit later. Once those are done, we are officially FINISHED.

Yesterday we removed the protective papers from the staircase and second-floor hallway, making the place a lot more pleasant place to live. It feels weird, but there's actually end in sight. There's still lots of stuff to be done, but at least I can identify the tasks that remain to be done, before it was just a confusing mess of random tasks.

That iTunes-thingy....

...in the sidebar? Yeah, it's nifty, and I decided to give it a shot. The only problem is that it's not working properly. It's missing half-a-dozen or so individual songs I have bought plus it's missing "Dark Side of The Moon" in the albums-section.

Beaten up

No, not literally, but that's how I feel. I feel like I have been beaten with sticks for the entire weekend. My every muscle aches.

Status-update: About 90% of our belongings have been moved to our new place. All major items and pieces of furniture have been moved, some minor items remain unmoved. Few items (large furniture mostly) are in their final places, rest are waiting for their final placement. Kitchen is finished. What has been the worst things to move? Let's see....

It might be my old 32" television that weights 60kg and has no handles of any kind. Just smooth rounded corners everywhere (engineers at Sony: what were you thinking?!). I was actually hoping that we would break it, because I could then write it off in my insurance and get a new one instead. Alas, that was not to be.

Or maybe my couch? it doesn't weight as much as the TV, but it's a lot bigger and doesn't properly fit from the doorway (yes, we did manage to get it in). Also, it too is lacking in handles.

The washing-machine is another contender. Not quite as heavy as the television, but no handles. Plus it had to carried to the second floor on a narrow staircase. Not fun.

The fourth contender is our antique drawer. You could get a good grip on it, but it too had to be carried to the second floor.

Looking at the four, I think the television is the winner. Just looking at that thing makes we want to punch it...

Still no internet-connection. I tried looking for open wireless accesspoints but no luck. I found few networks, and one even had a generic-sounding name, "WLAN", but it too asked for a password. Damn you security-conscious neighbours!

The apartments needs more or less total surface-renovation. That is, new wallpapers and paintjob. Our future bedroom was painted already (both ceiling and the walls), but wallpapers have not been selected yet. The Mrs. is working on that. One complication in this thing is that the ceiling is at worst about 7 meters high, so painting it takes some ingenuity.

All in all, things are "progressing", whatever that means...


Last Monday we sold our home. The preceding weekend was spent carrying our belongings out of it (related to this: every time I move, the amount of stuff that needs to be packed up and carried away seems to double). Our belongings are now scattered in cardboard-boxes between my sister in-laws as well as father/mother in-laws place. Few pieces of furniture are in our future home. Some stuff is currently in my car because they simply would not fit anywhere. Lots of stuff was discarded, and lots of stuff was donated to charity.

Yesterday it occurred to me: we do not have a fixed residence at the moment. Closest thing would be my in-laws apartment where we are staying, but we are not officially living there. If some government pencil-pusher asked for our address, we wouldn't really know what address to tell them.

If we manage 'till next week, then everything will be OK. Just few more days....