Stairway to pain

Last night at midnight I heard my phone making some noise downstairs. It was a calendar-reminder. So i got out of the bed half-conscious and started walking down the stairs. As I got to the bottom of the stairs, the semi-conscious state got the best of me. I thought that I was at the very last step, when in fact I wasn't. What I thought to be a step on a solid floor was actually a step in to thin air. End-result: a twisted ankle. Very twisted ankle. It hurts like hell, but it's manageable now that I have taken 1200mg of painkillers. I'm not sure that is there anything broken, but I'm going to see a doctor later today.

What about the calendar-reminder? It just reminded me that today is our wedding-anniversary. I have no idea why it decided to remind me about it in the middle of the night....

The Cone of Silence

The Mrs. has (more or less) lost her voice for now. She has some kind of infection in her throat, and it's quite hard for her to speak. So this weekend has been pretty quiet, literally.

I had my annual review about a week ago, and everything went well. Well, I didn't really achieve my goal of getting absolute top-scores, but I still got very good scores, and what's more important, the actual feedback from my co-workers was excellent. So I can't complain. I have several new ideas on how to proceed and how to do an even better job.

As I'm typing this, I'm sitting in our backyard, under a sunshade. I guess this means that summer is officially here. Thank goodness for WLAN.