Problem with email

I'm having an email-dilemma. My main-address is getting somewhat swamped with spam. So I decided to move to another address. I also have a third address at Gmail. I was quite happy with my decision to switch addresses, but just today I noticed that Gmail is moving to IMAP, and that was one of my primary reasons why I didn't select my gmail as my new email (other being spam. my new address is 100% spam-free, I'm still not sure how well Gmail fares in that area).

The problem is that I had already told few people that I'm moving to a new address, and I gave them the new address. If I now moved to Gmail permanently, I would have to tell them AGAIN that I'm moving addresses... Well, there's no acute problem so far, all my addresses still work, and I only have handful of people to notify no matter what I do with my address...

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