Philistines with computers

I ran a piece of editorial few days ago, that was about "problems with computers". It was basically a story by the editor on how she had problems with her computer and/or internet-connection at home. She mentioned how the manual of her WiFi-router said that "user needs to master his/hers computer and the operating-system that runs on it". Rest of the text was about her struggles to fix the problem (a local nerd fixed it in the end). She then told that "expecting people to master their computer is too much to ask. After all, nerds don't know how to bake bread either!".

Well, yeah. Nerds don't know how to bake bread. Which is why they don't try to do it in the first place. But on the other hand, we have these users who insist on using computers while possessing next to zero knowledge on how to use computers. Can you see the difference here?

I was about to write an email to the editor, but the Mrs. used her executive veto, and denied it...

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