Bedroom is finished. Well, there's still no mattresses or curtains, but there's no more renovating to be done.

Guest-bedroom has been painted (ceiling and two walls), we just need the wallpapers for the two remaining walls, which should arrive on monday. When we get this room finished, our library will become order of magnitude more pleasant place, since we are currently using it to store items destined for the guest-bedroom. We still need to get few armchairs for the library, but after that, it's finished.

Kitchen and the hallway has been painted. Next stop is the livingroom-ceiling, with wallpapers following up a bit later. Once those are done, we are officially FINISHED.

Yesterday we removed the protective papers from the staircase and second-floor hallway, making the place a lot more pleasant place to live. It feels weird, but there's actually end in sight. There's still lots of stuff to be done, but at least I can identify the tasks that remain to be done, before it was just a confusing mess of random tasks.

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