Last Monday we sold our home. The preceding weekend was spent carrying our belongings out of it (related to this: every time I move, the amount of stuff that needs to be packed up and carried away seems to double). Our belongings are now scattered in cardboard-boxes between my sister in-laws as well as father/mother in-laws place. Few pieces of furniture are in our future home. Some stuff is currently in my car because they simply would not fit anywhere. Lots of stuff was discarded, and lots of stuff was donated to charity.

Yesterday it occurred to me: we do not have a fixed residence at the moment. Closest thing would be my in-laws apartment where we are staying, but we are not officially living there. If some government pencil-pusher asked for our address, we wouldn't really know what address to tell them.

If we manage 'till next week, then everything will be OK. Just few more days....


dr witmol said...

Awww, sad to say goodbye to that apartment cos I stayed there! (Not sure what else to say as I've just been on a big rant to my flatmate about the electricity bill, which is strangely excessive given our power-saving efforts). Hope everything works out.

Janne said...

Well, there should be free space in the new apartment, should you ever decide to drop by Finland again :). And the new place should be even cozier than the old one.

Even though our new place is about 1/3 bigger than the old one, our electricity-bill gets more or less halved. So we are thinking about getting windmill-generated power for the new place.