Beaten up

No, not literally, but that's how I feel. I feel like I have been beaten with sticks for the entire weekend. My every muscle aches.

Status-update: About 90% of our belongings have been moved to our new place. All major items and pieces of furniture have been moved, some minor items remain unmoved. Few items (large furniture mostly) are in their final places, rest are waiting for their final placement. Kitchen is finished. What has been the worst things to move? Let's see....

It might be my old 32" television that weights 60kg and has no handles of any kind. Just smooth rounded corners everywhere (engineers at Sony: what were you thinking?!). I was actually hoping that we would break it, because I could then write it off in my insurance and get a new one instead. Alas, that was not to be.

Or maybe my couch? it doesn't weight as much as the TV, but it's a lot bigger and doesn't properly fit from the doorway (yes, we did manage to get it in). Also, it too is lacking in handles.

The washing-machine is another contender. Not quite as heavy as the television, but no handles. Plus it had to carried to the second floor on a narrow staircase. Not fun.

The fourth contender is our antique drawer. You could get a good grip on it, but it too had to be carried to the second floor.

Looking at the four, I think the television is the winner. Just looking at that thing makes we want to punch it...

Still no internet-connection. I tried looking for open wireless accesspoints but no luck. I found few networks, and one even had a generic-sounding name, "WLAN", but it too asked for a password. Damn you security-conscious neighbours!

The apartments needs more or less total surface-renovation. That is, new wallpapers and paintjob. Our future bedroom was painted already (both ceiling and the walls), but wallpapers have not been selected yet. The Mrs. is working on that. One complication in this thing is that the ceiling is at worst about 7 meters high, so painting it takes some ingenuity.

All in all, things are "progressing", whatever that means...

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