3.5 hours

that's how long the our housing cooperatives shareholder-meeting took. And that's pretty long. In our previous cooperative it took maybe two hours, and it was a lot bigger than our current one (24 apartments vs. 6). And this was a second meeting this year, usually there are only one meeting per year. And still they managed to spend that much time on it.

The main reason is that the board of directors consists of three persons, one of them is my father in-law, and another one is the previous owner of our apartment. And both of them like to take the long road when discussing things. So they talked and talked, pondered every option and talked s...l...o...w...l...y.

Well, since one of them (the previous owner of our apartment) is no longer a shareholder, he resigned his post. And I took his place in the board of directors (no-one else was willing). It sound glorious, but it isn't.

Since yesterday was spent talking about changes to the garden and what should we do with all those trees, renovation did not proceed at all. Damn. I REALLY want to get this thing finished ASAP.


dr witmol said...

Wasn't there a book called "Stop this meeting, I want to get off"?

Janne said...

To add to the general slow pace of everything in that meeting: They always thought about doing something, but then they started to ponder the options... But they invariable chose the oroginal option, making the whole "let's think about this" more or less unneeded. Towards the end I always knew in advance what they suggested as the cource of action, since it always was their first option to begin with.