"Think of the children!"

I'm getting sick and tired of having bunch of do-gooders running around and "protecting the children". Latest case in this neverending quest of protecting the children from anything that might theoretically harm them, is the lunacy proposed by the EU Comission. In short: People/websites who publish videos on a website (like Youtube, blogs etc.) need to get a broadcast-license. Rationale being that those videos might contain material that is harmful to children, and this way the government would have some control what gets published, and what does not.

What is this crap? We need a license from the government to exercise our right to free speech? Since someone could harm a child by saying something bad to that kid in the supermarket, maybe we need speech-licenses as well? I mean, would someone please think of the children?!

And I bet that this has nothing to do with children in the end. This is a method to give the government control what can be said and where. And if someone opposes legislation like this, they can just say "why do you hate children?".

I already mailed my MEP, and I sent the comissioner in charge of this disaster an polite and courteous email, where I explained the idiocy of this proposed directive.

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