The perfect something

Wouldn't it be great if everything was perfect(* ? Well, since we can't have everything, how about something at least? Luckily I just found that something: The perfect sitcom! This is one of the good things that came out of the IT-conference in Copenhagen. Apparently the show is all the rage in The Firm IT, with people quoting the show all the time. I have now seen four episodes (of the measly six, but more are luckily on the way), and it's just drop-dead hilarious.

The show is.... The IT Crowd. The moment I saw the first episode, and I noticed the picture of The Flying Spaghetti Monster on the wall, I knew I had struck gold. Made by the same people who gave us Father Ted, Black Books and The Office, the show has the recipe for success.

OK, there might be a one problem here... The show revolves around an IT-department. The jokes are often IT-related, the dialogue is full of inside-jokes (All you non-geeks: hands up all of you who got the goat-joke!), and lot of the fine details in the set (and there's A LOT of them!) will go unappreciated by the non-IT folks. So it might be that the audience at large might just view it as a just another average sitcom. But to the IT-departments around the world, the show is just what the doctor ordered.

Get in touch with your inner geek: Watch "The IT Crowd".

* = Well, if everything was perfect, we wouldn't appreaciate them, and life would get pretty birong pretty fast.


dr witmol said...

I saw the first couple of episodes of 'The IT Crowd' but for some reason they made it so I can't download it off the website any more. Boo! Boo-urns! I like the ep where Moss emails the fire brigade because he can't remember the new number for the emergency crew. Classic!

Janne said...

Ya, for some reason they made the downloads only available to people in the UK. Whih is not a Good Thing (tm). However, I was able to obtain full set of six episodes through "alternative" means *cough*.

dr witmol said...

It makes no sense because people in the UK can watch it on TV! We can't!