Milk Chocolate. Now with more air!

This is why I'm just a geek and not a marketdroid. Only a marketdriod could come up with chocolate that has air as it's defining feature. That's right, air. As in, nothing. I routinely see chocolate with nuts, raisins, fudge or something else in it. And they all prominently tell on the packagaing "Chocolate with nuts! Eat me now!". Today I saw Marabou (Marabou has lots of diferent chocolate with different stuff mixed with it) chocolate that had (and I quote) "air bubbles". I knew I just had to try it out. Turns out that "air bubbles" is just what it sounds like: "holes" in the middle of the chocolate with nothing in 'em. I guess that they actually had maybe 30% less chocolate in there, as opposed to just selling people solid chocolate.

Think about it. They basically mixed nothing with the chocolate. OK, they mixed air. But air is basically nothing. It's just empty space. And they made the fact that there are large areas of "nothing" inside the chocolate in to it's selling feature. They could have just sold solid chocolate, but apparently that is too mundane for the educated consumers these days. No, chocolate has to have some "air" in it!



dr witmol said...

Haven't you ever heard of Aero bar? People buy less chocolate with more air for the texture. Me? I just want the chocolate. Forget the fruit and nuts, gimme the chocolate!

Janne said...

We don't have Aero bars in here :). I can understand putting something "airy" in to the chocolate (like fudge). But the idea of putting just air in there is... strange.

My latest favourite chocolate is Marabou with pieces of Digestive-crackers in it. Quite tasty indeed.

dr witmol said...

I like digestive biscuits with one side made of chocolate.