Next weekend Helsinki will be hosting the Asia-Europe Meeting. And since it's such a high-caliber meeting, security is going to be tight. Add to that the fact that they are expecting that there will be thousands of protestors protesting about "something". So the security is going to be even tighter. Add to THAT the fact that next monday is the fifth anniversary of the 9/11-attacks, and things start to get really interesting.

So it seems that Helsinki will be crawling with police. Airspace above Helsinki will be denied for traffic, apart from law-enforcement helicopters that will be everywhere. And apparently the military has been asked to provide assistance as well. Their job is to shoot down any plane that has been hijacked or otherwise seems to pose a threat. Jesus.

Luckily I wont be working during the meeting, so I can just get some R&R. If I were at work, I would right in downtown Helsinki, right in the middle of those protestors (and planes falling from the sky, apparently).

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