...through my silent devotion...

I have been thinking about doing some creative writing. Back in high-school and before, I found writing to be very enjoyable indeed, and I used to ace the Finnish-classes when we were supposed to write essays, short-stories and the like. Whereas others submitted stories that were few pages long (the standard length), mine were usually 6-12 pages long, and I got good grades for them. But as time progressed, I stopped doing it. I didn't really write stories on my free time as such, and when my studies didn't require them, I didn't write them. But nevertheless, I did enjoy writing them.

So I have been thinking about getting back to that particular interest of mine. I have been juggling few ideas around for some time now, and the main problem has been to figure out a good story on those ideas. I could create a short-story from either of them, but I feel that they need something bigger to really flesh out the idea. But who knows, maybe keeping them short 'n sweet is the way to go.

Of course there are lots of people who say "I'm going to be a writer", and most of them never write a thing. And I'm not having any world conquering plans on this thing. I'm just interested to see that do I still enjoy it, do I have anything worthwhile to contribute and that can I actually do it. We'll see.

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