"Bambing away"

Recent discussion I had with the Mrs.:

Mrs.: "Bambi 2? They made a sequel to Bambi? What is it about, Bambi has children?"

Me: "You got that right. I saw the whole ad on TV. There was Bambi, and then there was a Mrs. Bambi, and they were bambing away. Then they showed a bunch of little bambi's running around"

Mrs.: "They did not!"

Me: "Yes they did! I couldn't believe it myself when I saw it. But there they were: bambing away. They actually used real live deer for that scene, instead of animated deers."

In related news: back home

Yep, me and Mrs. got back home from Budapest. Trip was great, people were friendly (Hungarians love Finns), weather was nice most of the time, although it was pretty darn hot. Bought myself some genuine Hungarian salami, and 5x5x5 Rubik's Cube ("Professor's Cube". haven't seen those in Finland). Apparently the inventor of Rubik's Cube (Ernö Rubik) was Hungarian (thank you Wikipedia), which explains why there were Rubik's Cubes everywhere in Budapest.

Other in thing in Hungary seems to be Spongebob Squarepants. Don't know why.

I also had the "Official Weird Moment of The Vacation"-moment. We were visiting the "Museum of Fine Arts". I decided to take advantage of the "facilities" there. As I was entering the bathroom, I swear to god, I saw Ron Jeremy stepping outside! Not that I have seen any of his "works", but he has that sort of face that is very recognizable.

Anyway, we have now been back home for about 4 hours, which has been spent resting. Vacationing can be pretty darn exhausting!

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