Validate your existence. By driving!

I love driving. I love getting in to a car, and going to different places. Not only because I love cars and the excitement (no, I don't race on public roads) I get from driving. I also love the interaction between the drivers on the road.

Think about it. You could walk down the street without paying any attention to the people around you. And they can do the same. Sure, you might need to avoid hitting others now and then, but you can do that without really thinking about it. In the end, you might not exist at all, as far as the other people are concerned.

Driving is not like that. You need to pay attention to your surroundings all the time. And the others need to do the same. You need to look out for cars that have the right of way, and you actually have to consciously avoid hitting them. And they have to do the same thing. I like how other drivers notice me, and give me way (if I have the right of way), because when they do that, they not only look at me, but they actually acknowledge my existence. They can't ignore me, because if they do, bad things might happen.

You simply do not get that kind of interaction by walking. You can freely ignore others, and they can ignore you. At worst, you will bumb in to someone. And when that happens, you just half-heartedly say "sry...." and move on. When you are driving, and you "bumb" in to something, things usually become a bit more complicated than that. So pay attention!

Feeling lonely? Having that feeling that you might as well not exist at all? Jump in to a car, and go for a drive!

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