A free day of a bachelor

I had one of my "free days" today. Meaning that the Mrs. was somewhere else, and I could live like in the "good ol' days". Now, maybe I'm getting old or something but my free days are pretty lame these days. Or maybe they were always lame, but I just didn't know it?

Normally I might have a pizza delivired right to my doorstep. I might watch a movie or two, and/or I might play some games. I might also go and test-drive some cars in car-dealerships. Pretty tame. Mrs. Actually told of my "bachelor-activities" to her co-worker, and she (the co-worker) started to laugh.

Today, it got even tamer. First of all: no pizza. I watched two movies. First one was "THX-1138", Directors Cut, and it didn't fail me. Second was "Collateral". I bought that one because I haven't yet ran across a movie by Michael Mann that I didn't like, and Collateral was no exception. After the movies, I ate and watched a taped episode of Sherlock Holmes (the series with Jeremy Brett as Holmes). After that I.... Fell asleep. I slept maybe close to two hours straight on the couch. For some reason, I was just so damn exhausted. Maybe my vacation is starting to kick in?

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