"Are you smiling at me?"

One of the trainees at work seems to smile at me a bit too much for comfort. Is she flirting with me? Yesterday as I was fixing her computer she became so excited that she almost choked on her gum (literally!). I have noticed that she has glanced at my engagement-ring (in Finland, men don't have separate wedding-rings, they just use the engagement-ring) on few occasions as well.

I know that I'm a dashing young man, and it's always nice to get attention from attractive women (instead of getting "attention" from a girl with a mohawk and from one woman that seemed to have spent last five years of her life drunk... I think I said too much already), it can be quite... uncomfortable. I don't really know how I should act with her (as you can see, I'm not very good at this flirting-thingy). Maybe I should just run away whenever I see her? Go sit in a corner and assume fetal-position?

Yes, I AM married, dammit! And I intend to remain so!

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dr witmol said...

If I don't initiate a relationship, the only attention I ever get is from freaks on the train.