Movement in C minor

That's C as in "Career".

Some time ago I had my annual performance review at work. Besides telling how I have been doing at my work (I'm doing fine, no problems there), we also talk about what's going to happen in the future. And while there are nothing that major going on, there are some "minor" things. And I'm not sure that do I like them.

Sure, the changes might include a pay-rise (more than the standard raise that is). Or it might not. I'm not sure yet. And while the money is nice, I'm not sure that would it be enough to compensate for the change.

What is this change? Well, it seems that I will be taking over some "management"-duties. In other words: paper-pushing.

I'm a techie. I enjoy solving technical problems. And I enjoy working with technology. And while I would continue to do that, I would also be handling red-tape. Shuffling papers around, going through invoices, signing contracts...

Yes, it would be a nice addition to my CV and it would be a nice opportunity for me to grow as a person and an employee. But does that mean that I should like it?

Rationally, I should be very excited by this opportunity. More pay (maybe), more skills, more responsibility. But deep down I'm not that enthusiastic.


dr witmol said...

When I embarked on my career, my parents assumed that I was ultimately aiming for editorship. I love writing, I'm a writer through and through and nothing would displease me more than if I were to be made editor at the expense of writing. Good luck, techie!

Janne said...

Ironically this change to my duties came about when my boss (who has handled these things in the past) is moving to other tasks inside the firm. Why is he moving on? Well, because he's a techie, and he wants to go back in to doing technical stuff, instead of pushing papers around.

Maybe history is repeating itself here....