"You will wake up DEAD!"

I'm on the verge of adding "Shaun of the Dead" to my DVD-collection. I haven't seen it, but I know that I'm going to like it. But I also know that the Mrs. is NOT going to like it. She feels that I'm already buying too many "stupid" movies as it is. She didn't like "Memento", She found "Bubba Ho-Tep" to be idiotic (as did her father. Barbarians...) and I haven't even tried to make her watch "Donnie Darko"... But, with little luck, I will be all by myself next weekend, so I will have an excellent opportunity to get some pizza and watch my "idiotic" movies.

I'm slowly working through my list of "DVD's to buy!". Items of high importance that are still left un-purchased include:

Star Trek in all forms
Red Dwarf (Haven't seen it, but I KNOW that I'm going to like it)
Wooster & Jeeves 3rd season

So many DVD's, so little money (and shelve-space!)...


dr witmol said...

I can send you remnants of my Red Dwarf collection if you like. A few DVDs were given to me as gifts and then the first four seasons came out as a set. It's hilarious, even now. Probably especially now. And Memento and Donnie Darko are very fine films.

Janne said...

Nah, I couldn't deprive you from your Red Dwarf-collection :). And besides, there might be some issues with region-coding in the DVD's :(.

Anonymous said...

As a random visitor may I recommend Black Books if you haven't already seen it? It is very much in the Red Dwarf vein... but set in a book shop, which only makes it funnier.

dr witmol said...

Haha, I have that box set too!

Also, we have a universal DVD players here so region-coding is not a problem, though it would be for you if I sent DVDs to you.

Janne said...

Thanks for the tip :)! I don't think that I have seen that one, but I'll put it in my "things to check out"-list.