Time for new computer....

Windows 2000 started acting up (those damn viruses....), so I had to re-install. Well, needless to say that something went wrong, and my computer as a whole is acting up. Before I just had to contend with virus-ridden Windows. And now EVERYTHING is acting up, including my Linux-install. So there's obviously something wrong with the hardware itself.

Note: This also explains my laziness in emailing. It's not nice to use the computer when the screen is flashing and the machine locks up on occasion.

My primary suspect is the motherboard. But replacing it is tricky. I mean, if I replace it, but the fault is somewhere else, I have just wasted money on a motherboard that is practically useless. So I might as well replace the entire machine.

Now, this was not planned or anything. My current machine is almost exactly two years old. And I was planning to use it for at least one more year, possibly two. My previous machine-purchase was not ideal. I needed a computer, and while I did plan the purchase carefully and bought quality-components, I bought it just when they were about to release some new and exciting stsuff. And it's no different today. New and exciting stuff is being released in a bit over one month. And those releases are accompanied by nice price-cuts as well. So I need to last for about one month, and then I can buy the new machine. It would be very easy for me to buy new machine right away, but I know that if I did that, I would be kicking myself one month later.

So I need to wait for over a month. A reward is a computer that is about four to ten times as fast as my current computer :). And besides being faster, it will hopefully be more quiet as well.

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