It's a sing-a-long!

The Annual International Humiliation Contest is getting closer again. Finland has been doing particular well there, coming in last or almost last for as long as anyone can remember. And considering the dreadful songs ("Yamma Yamma" from 1992... Sometimes I still wake up screaming....) we have kept on sending there, it's no surprise. Year after year we have sent a dime-a-dozen song, and every single year the media goes crazy saying "THIS year we will do well!". And then we'll end up being last. And it's pretty strange, considering that Finland does have quite a few excellent singers/bands. It's propably due to the fact that voters are usually 50+ years old, and they send their favourites to the contest.

This year it seems that Finns in general are fed up with the contest. A collective "fuck it" was heard all across the land as they voted in Lordi to represent Finland this year. We might still come in last, but at least we will lose with style. No more Mr. "I'll do my best, and let's see how far it takes me". This time it's fire and brimstone, axes, monsters and "if you don't give me points, I'll fucking crush your skull". One thing Finland has going for them this year is the fact that there are several boring pop-songs, and in middle of them all there is a hard-rock musical extravaganza straight from the pits of hell. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Some people feel that this will be an embarrasment for Finland, and that we are destined to lose this year. And that's different from previous years.... how, exactly? And, as it happens, religious fundamentalists are appalled by this, and they are demanding a presidential intervention to prevent Lordi from appearing on the contest. "Concerned citizens" are complaining that Lordi is turning the contest from family-friendly show in to something that will corrupt and destroy the moral backbone of our children (even though our previous entries in the contest have done exceedingly well in eternally scarring the mental well-being of the viewers).

I'm loving every moment of this.


dr witmol said...

As someone not from Europe who has never actually seen a full contest (although it is televised here) I can't really see how losing the contest is a bad thing seeing as the rest of the world tends to view the winner as a joke to music-kind.

Janne said...

Ya, it's not really that bad of a thing :). Although it is a bit embarrassing to come in last (or almosts last) every single time. And trust me, we deserved every single one of those losses. This time things are a bit different: we just don't care. And to show it off, we are sending the most un-Eurovision band in to the contest. Now there's something for the organizers to chew on. I wonder, does the Pope watch the contest?