Bartender: water on the rocks!

Bottled water is a pet-peeve of mine. Now, I can understand the fact that bottled-water is needed in places where tab-water is not drinkable. But take Finland for example. Finland has humungous amounts of fresh water available, straight through the faucet. Independent comparisons show that tab-water in Finland is clearly superior to Evian and other bottled waters out there.

So what is the hit-drink in Finland these days? Bottled water, of course! Hell, even my workplace is full of bottled water. Now, maybe that's due to the fact that we routinely have people over from all over te world, and they might not know that the tab-water is actually better than the water in the bottle. But still. Not only do we have bottled water, we have watercoolers as well, even though there's cool and pletiful water available through "normal" means.

What's the deal here? Let's haul waterbottles around in trucks, so that we can consume some more oil and pollute a bit more. Let's make even more plastic bottles because, let's face it: you can never have too many plastic bottles in a society! Yeah, we have humungous amounts of clean water coming in to every household, but since marketdroids say that selling people bottled water at about 200 times the price the tab-water costs is a smart thing to, who am I to argue? Well, it's smart for the people who are selling the water that is.... Hell, why don't I start selling regural tab-water in some stylish bottle? quality would be superior to to 95% of bottled water out there. I could say on the label that "this water comes from deep within the soil of Finland", and it would still be the exact same water I get from the tab.

Reality called. It told that bottled water in places like Finland is DUMB!

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dr witmol said...

You can drink tapwater in Sydney. Apparently you can't in Adelaide. Years ago some nightclubs only had hot water in the restrooms so you had to buy cold bottled water at an exorbitant price from the bar (instead of filling up for free). Thank god someone came to their senses and made that practice illegal.