What the world needs is more acronyms (WTWNIMA)

The Mrs. thinks that I'm hypochondriac. And maybe she's right. Last year on my birthday I thought I was having a heart-attack or something. Nope. Maybe it was anxiety because I was getting closer to the magic 30. Or maybe it was a panic-attack (I had that back when I was about 16 years old). Earlier this year I thought I have a brain-tumor or something. Well, no. Just regural headache. Right now I have some aching in my knees and they make cracking noise when sitting down. Well, they have done that for some time now, but still. And I have a feeling that it might be Osteoarthritis. Hey, I'm a big guy, so it just might be. But still, in the past I have been so sure that I have heart-attack, tumors, cancer and who knows what, that it might be false alarm (again).

I think my thoughts of having a serious illness (well, not ALL the time) are due to seeing my father die because of a serious illness (brain hemorrage) back when I was a kid (eights years old). That has left me a feeling that there are lots of things in human body that could go wrong.

Anyway, this latest problem acts as a good excuse to get in shape. So I have set myself clear short-term (by the end of the year) and mid-term (by next summer) goals that I intend to reach.

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