A calculated risk

I'm being buried in spam. I do have effective spam-filter, and it does cath spam, but it's still very annoying. For starters, the spam-filter runs on this local machine, if I access my personal emailthrough webmail (say, from work), I will have zillion spams waiting for me.

I have been thinking about changing my email-address. And I'm ready to do it. But since I have nothing to do at this point, I tried something else first. About 1/3 of the spam I receive, all advertize one particular online-pharmacy. Sure, the URL changes, but the store is the same. I went to their site, and they had a link called "report spam". Since I have nothing to lose, I clicked it, and entered all the information they asked, including my email-address. I know, that is a VERY risky thing to do, since now they know for sure that there's someone reading the mail that is being delivered to that address. So they might send me even more spam. But if that happens, then so be it. I will then just change my address, and start from a clean slate.

I read a while ago that top 10 spammers in the world are responsible for about 80% of worlds spam. So all it would take is 10 bullets....

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Anonymous said...

I didn't start getting spam at my new email address until I signed up to myspace. You have been warned.