Death & Rebirth

So I did it. Finally. I have been thinking about getting a newer car. And I have been looking for one for the last two months, more or less. I have talked with the bank, and the finances are in order. Few days ago I found an ideal car, and last saturday we went to take a look at it. But it seems that our old car knew what we were up to, and it decided to foil our plans. In the middle of the motorway, it broke down (again). Luckily this time I managed to get the car to a ramp with less traffic. But still we were stuck there. We had to call the father-in-law so he could come pick us up. He did so, and we proceeded our quest of buying a car.

Finally we reached the seller (after first calling him and explaining that we are a bit late, since we woke late, and then calling him again that our car had broken down). Took a look at the car, drove it around a bit... And it seemed like just the car I had been looking for. Bargained a bit, reached an agreement and signed the papers. I'm now a happy owner of year 1994 VW Passat 2.0 GL Wagon. And it had only 183.000 kilometers behind it, usually Passats of that age have clocked around 250.000 - 350.000 kilometers! That's quite a step from our current car, year -88 Saab 900 with 480.000 kilometers behind it.

Well, I don't have the car yet, tomorrow I'm going to get the money from the bank, and pay the seller ASAP. But I did make the down-payment, and we signed the papers, so it's as good as mine, I just don't have the car with me yet.

And the old car? Well, I might have a new owner for it looked up already. No, we are not going to get any money for it, but still. Either it gets a new owner, or it will end up being recycled. As to the new car.... I should have several years of care-free (more or less) motoring ahead of me :).

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