Say hello to the PLOW KING!

Last week I ordered a Nokia 770. It was delivered yesterday. And it absolutely kicks ass! Small device that has great web-browser, email, installable apps (word-processor, games, tools etc. etc.), great screen, Google Talk-client (in the next release of the OS) etc. etc. I have now used it for one day, and I'm already formulating a plan for the future uses of the device.

Besides the obvious (email, internet), I'm planning to use it as a mobile "reader". That is, I can use it to read PDF's and other documents while on the go. Documentation, articles, books... You name it.

Movies? Why not? Just transcode the movies in appropriate resolution, and get a big memory-card. Music? same thing (although I usually have my iPod with me). As an added bonus, the 770 is a great webradio-client, and you could stream your music through it if it's somewhere on the network.

Google Talk and IM. This is perfectly doable, assuming that the net-connection is there.

There are already tools that can tie the device to GPS-receiver, and display your location on a map (Google Maps for example). I don't have GPS, but 770 would still be a great Google Maps-client. And the software in question supports Google Maps automatically.

This is still missing, but... A Wikipedia-client. I know, Wikipedia is a website, and the "client" is commonly known as "web-browser". But it would be cool if there was an simple way to search for articles in Wikipedia without using a separate web-browser for it. Combine Wikipedia with Google Maps, you will never be lost, and you can actually learn something of the strange city you are in. All with one little device!

Games? I already installed NetHack on it ;).

Laptop. I'm planning of getting a Bluetooth-keyboard to go with the 770. At that point it would be a viable replacement for a laptop, since I could do things like word-processing on it.

The Nokia 770: The little device that could. It cost me 370€, but that's money well spent!

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