Netbooks, what are my options?

Like I mentioned a while ago, I'm in the market for a netbook. I have been charting my options for quite some time, and so far this is the situation right now:

Asus EEE

This is the granddaddy of netbooks. The computer range from 199e 700-series model with 7" screen. 512MB of RAM and 4GB Flash-HD, to 399e EEE 901, with 8.9" screen, 1GB of RAM, Intel Atom CPU, better battery and 20GB Flash-HD. There are few models between those extremes. I have been more interested of the latter model, due to better screen (7" really isn't enough), more RAM and better CPU. EEE is also famous for being easy to upgrade, just open a lid in the bottom to add more RAM or new HD.

But there are some serious drawbacks. The keyboard is tiny, and the machine looks and feels cheap (well, it IS cheap). Also, the availability of the 901 is quite limited.

Those drawbacks are enough to eliminate EEE from my selection.

MSI Wind

This is an interesting option. I haven't actually seen one in the wild yet, since availability is VERY limited. But the build-quality is apparently a lot better than on the EEE, and the keyboard is actually typeable. There are downsides as well. Like I said, availability is next to nonexistent, the price is higher (about 450e) and it uses a HD instead of flash-storage. That means that it has a lot more HD-space than EEE does (80-120GB), but I would prefer Flash. I don't have that much need for huge amount of storage. Also, upgrading the Wind is very hard. If you want to add RAM or new HD, you basically need to take the machine apart.

The lack of expandability, the price and availability makes this a no-go for me.

Acer Aspire One

If I had to buy a netbook at this very moment, this would be it. It comes in two models: a 299e model with Linux, 512MB of ram and 8GB of Flash-storage, and a 399e model with Windows XP Home (booo!), 1GB of RAM and 120GB of storage. Of the two, I would e interested in the latter. While I do not have that much need for storage-space, 8GB is quite limited (it needs to house the operating-system as well), and 512MB of RAM is cutting it short. I'm not that excited about the fact that the 399e model has a HD, but what can you do. Build-quality of this machine is a lot better than what EEE has, and availability is excellent. But there is one drawback... Apparently the cooling-fan on this machine is quite loud. I would like the machine to be as silent as possible, and this is loudest of the three I have mentioned so far. Am I nitpicking? Also, upgrading this machine is very difficult. Just like the Wind.

But there is one more contender....

Dell Inspiron Mini 9

The price of this machine is 399e (includes shipping) in the Dell's German online-store (but I can't buy it from there, due to different keyboards). For that money I would get 1GB of RAM, Intel Atom CPU and 16GB of Flash-storage. Build-quality is excellent, the keyboard is excellent, it's fanless, so it's 100% silent and it's VERY easy to upgrade the machine with more RAM or new HD.

This machine is just about perfect. So why aren't I buying it as we speak? Because it's not available here. It's available in Germany, but they have different keyboard-layout than we do.

As long as the situation stays the way it is, I'm not buying anything. And in a way, I'm relieved.

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