It's the Google-browser!

I'm typing this post using the brand-new browser from Google: Chrome. Am I a nerd because I was actually anxious to get to work, so I could install and test the new browser? I bet I am. I couldn't test it at home since I have no Windows-machines to test it with.

I must say that Google has done a mighty fine job with this browser. It's a beta-version, so there will be some issues, but so far it's smooth sailing. I really like the tab-bar implementation and the overall look and feel of the browser. There's no menubar on the browser at all. And after using the browser for 30 minutes now, I don't really see any need for one.

This could become something big. Internet Explorer is a crappy browser, but it stays popular because Microsoft has strong brand-recognition. Chrome is a better browser, and Google has even stronger brand-recognition than Microsoft. Two years from now, IE will have under 50% of the market (as opposed to about 70+% it currently has)

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