Things to do

It seems that there are always lots of things I want to do. Quite often nothing ever comes of those plans, because I'm inherintly lazy person. And it could be said that often my plans don't make sense. I mean, I could do stuff that improve me as a person and as an employee, therefore boosting my future prospects. But often my plans are something that have pretty limited benefits for me. But then again, if I enjoy doing those things, then surely that is a benefit in itself?

Looking at my plans, I can see these things:

Buy a netbook (one of those subnotebooks that cost about 300-400 euros)

I have been on and off about this one. I want one, and I can see it as being very useful. But do I really, REALLY need one? I mean, I have coped just fine without one as well. I already have a computer, but my MacBook Pro is so big and heavy (relatively speaking) that I don't want to carry it with me. It also costs so much that I would be worried that I would damage it somehow. Also, that's the only computer in our household, if I carried it with me, the MRs. would not have a computer to use. If I did buy one, it would enable me to do the next two things:

Learn to use Emacs

Emacs is.... Emacs. Do I REALLY need to know how it works? Not really. But it seems like such a hardcore piece of application. My nerd-score would go up a few notches if I knew Emacs.

Learn LaTeX

Like Emacs, LaTeX is one of those things that I could do without just fine. But it seems so... Interesting. It might also be vanity, because then I would be using a system that relatively few people are using.

Why do I need a netbook to do those two things? Well, I have 1 hour of commuting every day, I might as well use that time to do something semi-useful.

Enroll to a photography-class

The price is right, and I'm interested in photography. I have been to a one class already, but this time it would be more comprehensive. It would be a proper classes, whereas earlier it took place through the net.

Off the wall-stuff

Sometimes I think that there might be some activities/hobbies in the world that I have never tried, but I might actually love if I gave them a shot. And I mean things that I would never try out normally. Such as.... Oh, I dunno, a class about making silver-jewelry.

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