It's my way, or the highway!

Yesterday I had a short discussion with the Mrs.:

Me: "Honey, what would you think if I bought this collection of hardcover Calvin & Hobbes-comics? It contains every single C&H-strip ever published! And they are in these beautiful hardcover-volumes!"

Her: "How about not?"

Me: "But I don't have all the strips at this moment. Also, I could then sell my current C&H-comics to the used-books-store"

Her: "No, that's stupid"

To hell with it, I did it anyway! I wear the pants in this relationship! Yeah!

Let me enjoy my sense of triumph for few minutes!


dr witmol said...

No birthday concession from her? How cruel!

Janne said...

No concessions, but she did accept the inevitable when I told her of my decision. Related to this, the books were delivered this morning :). And they are HUGE! about 1500 pages in total!