So I have been going to the gym for almost a month now. And I still like it a lot. This just goes to show how important it is to find the activity that you like. I don't care for walking all that much, and since that was just about the only option at the table, I didn't exercise that much. But now that there's an activity I LIKE doing, I'm actually looking forward to it, as opposed to viewing it as a tedious chore that needs to be done (and usually it was not done).

During the first week, I managed to burn through just 440 Kcal. That's not much, but it was because I was just starting out. I think I managed to go to the gym just once that week. In the following week I have gone to the gym three times a week, and the amount of burned calories in a week has been going up: 1564Kcal, 1762Kcal, 2073Kcal. I'm expecting that this week I'll manage about 2400Kcal, so I'm definitely on a right track.

My plan is to reach about 3000Kcal/week in June, and at least keep it there. For that, I practically need to increase my gym-sessions from three to four. I think that's doable. And if I start to go in the morning, I think I could increase my gym-sessions to about five, since then I could go there before and after work. With five gym-sessions a week, I think I could reach 4000Kcal/week.

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