We (as in Mrs. and me) got out first Christmas-present few days ago. Well, there was no official declaration that it was a christmas-present, but the proximity of the holiday, combined with the decoration of the box it came in made me firmly label it as christmas-present.

It was socks for both of us. And not just any socks, wool socks. And not just any wool socks, personally hand-knitted socks just for us!

Now, I might be a weirdo, but I like socks. Well, not the normal socks that you wear during weekdays. Those are functional, they arouse no feelings in one way or the other in me. But when the weekend arrives, I like to slip on a pair of wool socks and enjoy a lazy weekend. And those socks do make a difference. Normal socks keep you warm, yes. But they lack that warm and fuzzy feeling. Wool socks simply _feel_ better. And I'm a big fan of coziness and comfort.

Now, speaking of socks: I have an issue with my everyday-socks. I own maybe two dozen pair of socks or so, all black (or almost black). The problem is that while I do have several pairs of identical socks, I have lots of "one-of-a-kind" pairs. Matching those socks with their pairs can be tedious. those socks are not easily recognizable from each others, since by and large they are about 90% similar.

I have been thinking about getting rid of most of my socks, and start over fresh. I could walk to a shop and buy two dozen pairs of identical socks in one go, and the problem would be solved. But then again, I hate the idea of tossing perfectly serviceable socks away. And, deep down, I feel that the time I spend pairing those socks is somehow therapeutic. It's just me and a pile of socks, and I go through them one by one.

I DID say that I might be weird!

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