Humour me

I like humour. And, if you ask various sources, I like my humour weird. For example, I like off-beat humour like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal or Fingerpori (sorry, Finnish only). The Mrs. hates them. She finds the jokes "too weird" and characters "horrible".

Then, on the opposite side of scales, I also like Jeeves and Wooster. I find the humour intelligent and the English and mannerism impeccable. Often the humour is low-key and subtle. Of course, the Mrs. hates that as well. She finds it "boring".

Between those two extremes is the a bit more "normal" humour. Things like The Simpsons, Futurama, Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy (<=== It's free to discussion just how "normal" Hitchikers is...), Seinfeld and the like. However, I have a nagging feeling that the Mrs. doesn't care about those either, for various reasons.

I'm not saying that the Mrs. has a strange sense of humour. What's more likely is that _my_ sense of humour is strange... And we DO have some similar interests in the field of humour, stuff like Viivi & Wagner, propably because that strips deals quite a bit about relationships. Reading V&W-strips sometimes feels like looking in to the mirror, which is propably why both of us find it so funny.

Whats the point of all this? No idea, just some random stream of thought or something....

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