A revelation

I realized something a while ago... I realized that I hate Dan Brown. No, I don't hate him personally, I just hate his books. Well, with all due honesty, I have only read "The Da Vinci Code", and even that, only halfway through. But as I read the book, there was something in the book that kept bugging me. I still don't know what it was actually, but it was there. Maybe it was the time wasted telling all those useless details about the people, places and actions? Maybe it was the annoyance because _everything_ seemed to have some hidden symbolic meaning?

As I read the book, I did see why people were crazy about the book. But still, it somehow rubbed me the wrong way. I haven't read "Angels and Demons", but I heard that it's very similar to "The Da Vinci Code", so the guy isn't even original. And looking at the plot-summary on the Wikipedia, I see this: "Angels & Demons follows Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, as he tries to stop what seems to be the Illuminati, a legendary secret society, from destroying the Vatican City with the newly-discovered power of antimatter". Really? How did he come up with THAT?

Oh, the movie about the book was crap as well. Pure, 100% concentrated crap. That's two hours of my life I will never get back.

What about his other works? Well, there's "Digital Fortress". And it apparently is filled with technical inaccuracies. True, those wouldn't matter to 90% of the readers, but for those in the know, it would make the book seem... Silly. Yes, it's only fiction, but suspension of disbelief only takes you so far. For better alternative, go read Neal Stephensons "Cryptonomicon". I would encourage that book to just about everyone, not just those who are interested in technology and encryption.

Maybe he's ready to move on with his career? Drop this stuff about conspiracies and secret societies? Well, not yet at least. Apparently his next book is about the Freemasons. The horse is dead, but let's just keep on beating it.

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