And speaking of conspiracies...

There seems to be a conspiracy against me. Every time it seems that I could save some extra money, "something" happens. For the last few months I had been paying back my credit-card bill, few hundred euros a month.No, I'm not a big credit-spender, I usually just the credit-card for online-shopping and to even out some bigger purchases I make. So last month I decided to
repay all of the credit back, figuring that "if I do that, I'll "earn" few hundred euros extra every month, since I don't have to worry about the credit-card bill anymore". And it _seemed_ to work. But no. So far this month I have been hit by two electricity-bills (100+e each), my broadband-bill (150e) and I had to buy new set of summer-tires (380e). Previously whenever it had seemed that I might actually manage to squeeze some extra money to the savings-account, I've been hit by magazine-bills or something. There's ALWAYS something unexpected just around the corner, waiting to drain me from my hard-earned cash. But whenever I have some big-ish monthly expenditure (like, the credit-card) I wont get those "surprises".

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