A week?!?!?!?

"Hello, it's xxxxxx from Sony. We were supposed to pick up your television?"

"Hello. Yes, great! When are you coming to pick it up?"

"How does tomorrow morning between 8.30 and 9.30 sound?"

"Um, OK. But if you pick it up tomorrow, then I wont get it back by weekend?"

"Propably not. On average it takes about a week to repair the television. Unless we have to order some spare-parts. And we do have quite a bit of backlog here"

"A week?!?!"

"Yep. So, the tomorrow is OK then? I trust that you will help me carry the television to the car?"

"Yeah, I guess so"

Damn you Sony!

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dr witmol said...

I went to get an art print framed the other day and the lady at the framing shop said it'd take a week. Like, it's a FRAME. If I had the materials and tools I bet I could make a decent one in an hour and it wouldn't bloody well cost $89.95.