Loose ends

Howls Moving Castle

Finally saw this one. And to my HUGE surprise, it was the Mrs. who bought it on DVD! She buys very few DVD's overall, and I was under the impressions that "Moving Castle" was not on the top of her list, even though her sister had been recommending it. She bought the special deal, which had the DVD and the novel all in one package.

Anyway, the movie kicked ass! Not only are Miyazakis animations the best there is right now, they are also among the best _movies_ there is.

The Office

Speaking of DVD's.... I saw Season 1 and 2 of "The Office" available for 6.95e a piece! Whoa, I'll be picking those up later today! Still on my "to-buy"-list: "Office Space". Maybe I have a fetish for dysfuntional businesses...

Mac for sale!

OK, I decided to sell my Mac. A Mac Mini to be precise. I noticed that

a) Everything I do with the Mac (manage my iPod, manage my camera, manage my photos), I can do on Linux as well.

b) As a concequence (I'm not even going to pretend to know how to spell that right) of a), I haven't used the Mac that much recently.

c) Even the Mrs. seems to use Linux without any problems. She had some issues with the Mac, but she hasn't had any issues with my Linux-machine. Could it be that... Linux is easier to use than a Mac???

d) I need the money to buy some other gizmos (I hate consumerism, but I love technological gizmos (and movies). It's a vicious circle....). Currently on my shopping-cart: Nokia 770 and various components for personal server. Well, I can put that stuff on my taxes, so it's not that bad.

Anyway, I'm selling the Mac. And I'm propably selling the external hard-drive as well. A shame really, since I absolutely LOVE the hardware. I could run Linux on it, but it wouldn't work optimally, because of the PowerPC-architecture (most closed-source Linux-binaries only work on x86-CPU's). I just need to move my data off the machine, wipe it, and install clean OS X in there. Then I'm all set to sell it.


dr witmol said...

Wow, if I had any doubt that you were a nerd it has been wiped out. And to think that your nerdism is spreading!

Janne said...

Heh, I take that as a compliment :). And you haven't REALLY seen anything yet, when it comes to my acute case of nerdism. I currently have two extra desktop-machines in my study which were donated those to local 4H-club by McK. I just need to set them up before handing them out. In addition, there are three oldish laptops there as well, with more on the way. I need to wipe them clean, and then I'm going to sell them.

The Mrs. is handling these extra computers quite nicely I must say. maybe she has already recognized me as a lost cause? Maybe I could squeeze few additional machines in there...