It's so.... comfy

I like comfort, warmth, softness and cozyness. So when I decorate (or rather, tell the Mrs. what I would like to have, and hope she agrees with me), those four words are my guiding light.

Some time ago I told the Mrs. that I would like to get a... what do you call them, pedestal lamp? Anyway, I wanted to get one of those for our living-room, so that if you want to sit on the couch and read something, you don't have to turn on those bright ceiling-lights, rather, you just turn on that one light and read.

Last weekend we went shopping, and we found the perfect lamp for our living-room (no pics as of yet, maybe later). It consists of four dimmable 40w halogen lamps. It's covered with yellowish flax-cloth, so the light has a warm tone to it. And since you can dim it, you can easily adjust the amount of light. It's quite narrow, so it fits perfectly between the wall and our couch. It singlehandledly turned our living-room from "OK" to paradise on Earth.

Well, I'm exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea.

While it was the Mrs. that actually found the lamp at the store, the decision to buy it was a joint one. And since this was my idea to begin with, I can take at least some of the credit!

I'm actually starting so see the time when our living-room is "done". The area around the TV still needs work, but that needs to wait untill we get a new television (which isn't quite yet).

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