Where are they?

One of the welcomed visitors in the bird-feeders across Finland every winter is this 'lil buddy. But they are not without mystery. While they are quite common during winter, I have never, EVER seen one during the summer. No, they don't migrate away during summer, apparently they are still with us. I have been told that during the summer they spend their time deep in forests, and they only come near human habitat in winter, since food is scarce then, and all decent humans feed birds during the winter (right??).

While that theory seems sound, I have never seen one in the forest during summertime. It's like they vanish in to thin air.

Not really related, but... We have one (at least one) of these living in a thuja in our garden. Apparently several generations of magpies have been living there, and I can't blame them: they have chosen an excellent location for their nest. It's cozy and well-protected.

Mrs. is occasionally annoyed by the magpie, since it has at least once made a mess with freshly washed laundry that was left drying in the balcony, but I have used my executive veto: the bird is not to be harmed in any shape or form.

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