That thing you do

A while ago I mentioned that I have bought an iPod touch. Few days ago I realized just how essential piece of equipment that thing is to me.

First of all, it's my addressbook. It contains all the contact-information of my friends. True, my phone has that as well, but since the iPod gets synced with my computer, it also contains their email-addresses and their regular address as well. And I can use their address to locate them with the Google Maps-client. Sweet.

Second of all, it has become an essential tool for emailing. Only rarely do I bother to check my email with my computer. And why should I, since the iPod is usually in my pocket? Only when I need to type longer emails I head to the computer.

Third, it's an excellent tool for web-browsing. Instead of reading a book in bed, I can read Wikipedia.

Fourth, it has my finances. It contains calculations and projections about my savings, loans and budget. I do use computer to make even more detailed plans with fancy graphs and everything, but most of the time, the iPod is more than enough.

Fifth, it's my navigator. I enter the address of the person I'm going to visit, and it provides me with turn by turn instructions on how to get there.

Sixth, it's my mobile mediaplayer. I use it to watch movies and listen to podcasts and music on the go.

The iPod does all that with no third-party applications. And in few weeks we should be getting more apps for the device. The possibilities are endless, and it's making me giddy as a schoolgirl.

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