You reap what you sow

So I was just watching this piece of news about inuits in Alaska. This one village is about to face destruction, since the global warming is melting the ice and raising the ocean, so the village is about to be washed away (literally). Now, as tragic as their story is, I could not help but notice few things:

a) Everyone (and I mean everyone) in the village drove around with ATV's. The village had a diameter of about 500 meters, so they _could_ have walked instead

b) they seemed to eat their food on disposable plates

So, as they were talking about the tragedy they are facing, I kept on thinking "but you yourself are partly to blame for this"... Yes, they would still be having these problems had they lived more eco-conscious lifestyles, but still. They polluted like crazy, and then complained that global warming is ruining their way of life.

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